About The Void

Nobody quite knows the significance of The Void, as no actual scientific research has been conducted as of yet on this weird, otherworldly phenomenon, due to several legal challenges which are still making their way through court.

Our mayor, Elizabeth Zisk, described her private visit to the science-defying anomaly we call The Void as "fine."

Some historians believe that The Void appeared sometime before 400 AD. Others think The Void may have been the result of a cosmic disturbance around that very same time. Still others believe The Void has a special spiritual importance and may have always existed but was simply hidden until now.

A page from the notes of Jacques Blanchet

Other historical evidence of The Void includes several mentions by French missionary Jacques Blanchet, followed by a detailed investigation from Question Mark town founder, Reginald Willey. Both men had their own theories about the cause of The Void. Blanchet called it “an emptiness” and “The Mark of Cain,” suggesting it was a religious mystery. Willey called it “A Wound on The Land” and “The End of All Things,” believing it somehow represented a moral or ethical failure of sorts.

Whatever it is or wherever it came from, we do know The Void offers endless excitement, entertainment, and a chance to interact one-on-one with an incredible scientific phenomenon that will live on in your memories for years and years.

Close to Everywhere!

How far would you travel to visit the most incredible thing you may ever see? Would you cross oceans, traverse deserts, or scale the highest peaks? The allure of the unknown compels us to embark on journeys that defy the limits of distance. Now what if we told you you the unknown is closer than you think? The Void is close to everywhere!

Located just miles from beautiful Question Mark Ohio, and just a short two hours from Columbus or Akron, even just two and a half hours from Pittsburgh! In Pennsylvania! And parking in our beautiful new lot is only $15!

Make a day of your visit and shop and eat in Question Mark and get big savings!